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Women of the future 2020

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Date: February 2020
Client: Aller Media A/S Denmark

Women of the Future 2020 is an impressive annual report with deep insights on the lives and lifestyles of Danish women. The large quantitative study is one of the most immersive in Denmark, showing how well Aller Media knows women.

The report is launched through two events in Aarhus and Copenhagen with over 400 delegates present. The trends and insights of the study are interpreted by different elements and special moments at the events. Delegates are able to listen, reset and reflect through wonderful music, excellent food and inspiring talks. All rooted in themes presented in the study.

The trend of limiting food waste is for instance implemented by teaming up with GRIM vegetables in Copenhagen, letting delegates pick and mix vegetables and magazines when leaving the event.

Want to know more about this?
Contact Amalie Nellegaard, Project Manager. amalie@alive.dk