Tour de France, the world’s largest annual recurring sporting event is coming to Denmark. Copenhagen is the official start city in 2022, and this extraordinary biking race is broadcasted to 190 countries and thousands of spectators are expected in Denmark.


ALIVE has exclusive rights for all domestic VIP Hospitality from February 2020 – October 2022. This includes a range of pre events including a Business Club, where members will have access to a lot of different events, talks, experiences with cycling and Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark as the focal point.

For interest in gaining membership please contact

ALIVE will further be selling VIP Hospitality Packages during the three stages in Denmark. The packages will be of different categories and price ranges.

First stage — 13 km time trial in Copenhagen
Second stage — 198 km from Roskilde to Nyborg
Third stage — 170 km from Vejle to Sønderborg


  • VIP Hospitality Packages
  • Special Events for Companies
  • International Events with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) on request
  • Grand Départ Business Club

VIP packages are on sale now.

see the route here
  • VIP Hospitality Packages

    July 1-3, 2022


    VIP Hospitality Packages

    You can buy VIP Hospitality Packages during the three stages in Denmark here.
    The packages will be of different categories and price ranges.
    Packages will be on sale in the following cities:

    • Copenhagen
    • Roskilde
    • Nyborg
    • Vejle
    • Sønderborg

    Purchase VIP Hospitality Packages here

  • Special Events for Companies

    Fall 2020 - Fall 2022


    Special Events for Companies

    If your company is interested in being part of the unique Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022 and wants to have an official custom-made event then get in touch and let’s create magic together! ALIVE will develop and produce an event concept that will fit your needs for your employees or customers in the yellow colors.

    Below we have created a few examples, but only the imagination will set the limit:

    • Invite your clients to participate in your own company bike race
    • A social event for your employees or clients with the office dressed in yellow and big screen showings for this year’s Tour de France
    • Private dinners with a cycling theme
    • Talks for companies with pro riders
    • Champagne or wine tastings from the areas where the route goes through

    If this sounds interesting for your company then please contact

  • International Events with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) on request

    Fall 2020 - Fall 2022


    International Events with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) on request

    Want to start your Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022 feeling already in 2021? Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) the company behind Tour de France creates +15 international cycling events per year. You can find a list here.
    ALIVE will help you customize your trip with flights, hotels and packages for one of the events so you can begin your Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022 this year! For inquiries regarding packages for A.S.O. events please do contact

    Minimum purchase: 10 participants

  • Grand Départ Business Club

    Spring 2021 - Summer 2022


    Grand Départ Business Club

    The Business Club is a unique opportunity to be a part of the official Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark members club. The club will naturally have cycling but also networking as the focal points and will include a range of events. Below you will find some examples:

    • Kick-Off Event
    • TV2 – Behind the scenes of Le Tour
    • Mental Training in the sport and in your business
    • The ambrosia of Le Tour 2022: An exquisite wine tasting experience
    • Eat like an athlete and achieve top performance in your work and in your everyday life
    • Campaigns and foreign business exchange with Le Coq Sportif as a business case
    • Will a Danish biking team make it through the needle eye to Tour de France 2021

    See an overview of the events and the details here
    The membership will further include Hospitality packages to Grand Départ Copenhagen Denmark 2022.
    For interest in gaining membership please contact