Sharing the right moment, having the right idea illuminates a space in time, changing everything, crafting a memory to cherish and build upon.

ALIVE creates events and stories that sparkle, grow, bind us together, show strong results and build exciting memories that will last. Magic that makes your purpose shine. From the first sprout of an idea to that burst of energy from a truly inspiring and monumental experience.

The guiding principle of ALIVE is ‘nærvær’ — the Danish expression of togetherness, dedicated attention, empathy and presence. Along with transparency, this is the core of how we connect through exceptional moments. We as an event agency think boldly, dream big and deliver superbly in every country, venue and size. ALIVE works with innovative engagements, groundbreaking collaborations and strong partnerships. We dare to shape new worlds with you for your audience.

ALIVE provides a no-commission work ethic, efficiency, sustainable solutions, technological wizardry and awesome ideas from inception to end. ALIVE listens. Building on your input and our experience, creating something new or using what already works for you – that’s the kind of event agency we are.

ALIVE is a true one-stop partner in every aspect, with all expertise in one place for us to go full circle: from the first brief, target specific analysis, concept development, legal aspects, every important step towards execution and evaluation, carefully communicating and managing your experience.

Our events are internal, sport, virtual, special, festive, public, corporate, and so much more. If the event feels like magic, it’s ALIVE.


ALIVE has the skills, tools and minds to explore and deploy any imaginable idea. Our event agency has the power to manage every aspect of your experience, to make special moments fly, teams blossom and communities thrive. From the very first talk, ALIVE is here to grow ideas into exceptional events that turn time, place and intent into shared experiences.

  • Research & Analysis


    Research & Analysis

    ALIVE analyzes accurately all aspects imaginable. We are strong in targeting specific analysis that can support your event ambitions from the very beginning. Your needs and the challenges of places and processes are pinpointed and data is set in motion by our strong analytical team, transforming insights into moments your audience didn’t know they were missing.

  • Creative & Concept


    Creative & Concept

    ALIVE believes that ideas can create profound change, especially in the hands of a skilled creative team. With a systemic one-stop approach, ALIVE ensures a strong conceptual core with clarity, effect and room for your audience to feel at home and magic to happen. From ideation to detailed implementation across channels, connecting strategy, concept, formats, place, design and communications.

  • Management



    ALIVE manages and safeguards your event down to every detail, no matter where, how or what. Through a proven team of event management specialists, ALIVE works with a strict focus on setup, logistics and process control. This enables you to be in charge and at ease, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your team and their part of the magic. ALIVE is here to set the stage perfectly for you to host, delight and deliver with consistency on every occasion, venue and destination.

  • Production



    ALIVE believes that while memories may not be tangible, their foundation should always be solid. Working within immersive universes, turning venues into more than places; efficiency, compliance and safety are key. ALIVE meets your needs and expectations when designing, planning, constructing and building. The result: Beautiful, safe, vibrant spaces where magic can truly happen.

  • Budget



    ALIVE handles budgets with a steady focus on both the financial and the emotional bottom line. Our work is built upon clear and consistent ethic principles and a code of conduct that include full budget transparency, detailed insights and a clear no-commission policy. Resources and efforts are managed closely to secure a solid budget model with room for agility.

  • Technology



    ALIVE turns on magic at the flick of a switch. Advanced visuality, sense activation and social engagement are dreamed into solutions that turn messages into experiences. And throughout the journey, from invite to evaluation, the coordinated event, travel and registration solutions from ALIVE secure a tight process. All your audience will feel is a natural welcoming sensation that provides a space for them to enjoy and experience.

  • Evaluation



    ALIVE likes to know. Your event opens the emotions and understanding of your audience, creating bonds and memories full of valuable insights. ALIVE offers to guide your own evaluation or we can do it for you. Either way, the result means learning through measuring and a skilled cross-disciplinary analytical understanding of metrics and ROI. Was it a success? You will know the answer for sure.

  • Compliance & Sustainability


    Compliance & Sustainability

    ALIVE is born compliant. Where people meet; standards, regulations and keeping customs are paramount. Part of a growing industry, ALIVE is dedicated to finding better ways; to minimize resource use and maximize effect per spending. And with so many sustainable options, you can match your needs with greener and smarter solutions.


Enjoy this curated selection that shows some of the exceptional moments ALIVE has created recently. Get in touch to find out more.


Our staff is highly skilled and handpicked to cater to every detail of your event, working full-time to make your vision of the perfect moment come true and using their multi-disciplinary knowledge and creativity to find the right solution.

Board of directors

  • Team_Jette

    Jette Skeem

    CHRO, Aller Media A/S

    Chairman of the Board

    See LinkedIn

    Jette Skeem

    CHRO, Aller Media A/S

    Chairman of the Board

    See LinkedIn


  • In-house skills


    In-house skills

    ALIVE is located in the heart of the headquarters of Aller Media in Denmark alongside with 600 colleagues from Aller Media Denmark.
    Aller Media is a massive player on the Nordic market and is established both in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland with approx. 2300 employees in total.

    Inside the House of Aller is a range of skills and departments which can be put into play when creating memorable events for our customers. A true one stop shop where ALIVE will be your one point of contact throughout the entire process.

    See some of the many skills which we can offer in the other boxes in this section.

  • Financial power and liquidity


    Financial power and liquidity

    ALIVE is powered by Aller Media which gives us strong financial power and liquidity that provides safety for our clients and security for implementation of the event.
    ALIVE is a transparent event agency with 0% commission so our clients can see exactly what they get for their money.

    The financial department in Aller Media makes sure we are transparent and provides all financial support for ALIVE and audits from Deloitte.

  • Photo and video


    Photo and video

    We have photographers and videographers that are highly skilled in producing some of the best content. The team can deliver everything from event photos, live broadcasts, video content to a TV desk where you can record your virtual event. Below are listed some of the examples:

    • Event photos that expresses the atmosphere of the event
    • Red carpet photos
    • Photo shoots of keynote speakers
    • A capturing event video for the delegates after the event has ended
    • Live broadcasting for virtual or hybrid events
  • Graphics and web


    Graphics and web

    The graphic artists and motion designers can deliver everything from your event’s visual identity to graphical elements for online use, screens, presentations and prints for your event.

  • 16 magazines


    16 magazines

    Aller Media is the proud owner and publisher of 16 magazines. All magazines have their own universe, target group and look and feel. The magazines include:

    • SE OG HØR
    • FEMINA
    • SØNDAG
    • MAD & BOLIG
    • IN
    • VI UNGE
  • Legal



    ALIVE is supported by the legal department in Aller Media. The team makes sure that we are compliant in all aspects of our business and advise us on legal questions of events, suppliers and partnerships.

  • Human resource


    Human resource

    ALIVE is backed by the HR team in Aller Media. They advise on all aspects of GDPR when collecting data on participants for events and make sure that we are compliant.

  • Customer insights analysis


    Customer insights analysis

    A specified analysis with complex data from your specific target group is made before every larger event from the customer insights team. These insights give the client the possibility of customizing the event, so it fits the interests and believes of the target group.
    The better you know your future participants the better the event outcome.


ALIVE is a full service event agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark, dedicated to using compelling narratives and solutions to shape spaces and moments with a magic potential.

We believe in people power, in bridging worlds and building understanding through sharing unique experiences. Our ‘nærvær’ principle is woven into every aspect of our approach, securing attention, empathy and presence as the firm foundation for any successful event.

With a comprehensive end-to-end offering and experienced specialist teams, ALIVE is your true one-stop partner, covering total enterprises focused within our three main areas: Internal Events, Sports/Special/Public Events and Corporate Events.

We think, plan and create magic across borders, making your audience able to feel the experience anywhere, anytime and at any scale.
ALIVE is powered by Aller Media, born out of more than 80 years of event crafting, building communities and connecting people. We are here to strive high and strive together, and we know in our heart of hearts that the right idea can achieve wonders in the right hands. We have the skills, the setup and the power to make magic experiences come alive.

ALIVE partners with GOUDA Travel Insurance to provide insurance, coverage and assistance for individuals and teams in Scandinavia and internationally. Read more here


Part of the family owned Aller company group, ALIVE is able to integrate in-house and group power to deliver great results. In addition to our full scale event agency capabilities, we provide true synergy throughout, deploying our strong network of suppliers and group partners within travel, destination, content and campaign, all placed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Aller Holding

    Read more

    Aller Holding

    Aller Holding A/S began its journey in 1873 out of Laura and Carl Julius Aller’s vision of becoming a magazine publisher by creating relevant, entertaining journalism and information. Today, Aller Holding A/S is a modern Nordic media group and the leading publisher of weekly magazines in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of several million copies. Aller Holding A/S is still a family run business with the fourth Aller-generation at the helm.

    Read more about Aller Holding A/S here

    Aller Leisure

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    Aller Leisure

    Aller Leisure is a collection of six travel agencies specializing in outstanding worldwide travel and hospitality experiences for all travelers. Our family includes Nyhavn Rejser that holds a group and incentive department handling global agreements for national and international BtB. Aller Leisure offers global solutions and is a business unit within Aller Holding A/S.

    Read more about Nyhavn Rejser here


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    OTW creates narratives that creates change. For more than 30 years OTW has been telling stories for some of the strongest brands and organizations in the Nordics. With engaging and relevant content across all media platforms, OTW lift brands out of market noise and closer to their goals and recipients. OTW is the most award winning content agency in the region.

    Read more about OTW here in danish

    Aller Media

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    Aller Media

    Aller Holding A/S owns Aller Media in the four Nordic Countries, and Aller Media is the leading publisher and one of the most innovative, modern media companies in this region. In Denmark, Aller Media has a market share of 70% of weekly magazines and 20% on monthly magazines, reaching more than 2.3 million Danes every month. Aller Media inspires and entertains children, teens and adults – especially women. All titles are available online, engaging audiences on a variety of platforms, including Pling. This streaming service offers over 100 renowned titles from Vanity Fair, Time, The New Yorker to Danish titles such as Familie Journal, femina, Mad & Bolig, Elle and IN. Aller Media Denmark owns OTW Denmark, ALIVE, Aller Leisure and the majority of Heartbeats.

    Read more about Aller Media here


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    Heartbeats is a modern, digital media provider communicating cutting-edge journalism and immersive stories across audio, video and words. Heartbeats was founded in 2014 and is today a comprehensive digital universe with a 24-hour digital radio station. Heartbeats adds stellar editorial value to commercial partnerships, sponsored and native content, and solves agency tasks for a broad range of clients in Scandinavia, opening an office in Berlin, Germany in 2020.

    Read more about Heartbeats here


ALIVE works for better ways of thinking, creating and partnering, and engage actively in the following communities to address and solve industry, societal and environmental issues together:

Meetingplace Wonderful Copenhagen
Copenhagen’s destination network within the congress and meetings industry in the Greater Copenhagen area with around 135 leading partners. Meetingplace is closely interlinked to Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau and works for securing international business events to the destination. Visit Wonderful Copenhagen

The Danish Association for Graphic Communication & Media monitors developments in the market, legislation, technology and sustainability, working towards new best practices for employers and employees of the industry. Visit GRAKOM

Creative Club
A part of GRAKOM, Creative Club sets out in the world to share inspiration and new knowledge, giving creative Danish agencies a new momentum in networking, inspiration and know-how. Visit Creative Club


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